Royal Danish
Guards Association
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Royal Danish Guards Association
of Western Canada

2001 + 2003 / 2005 ARKIV  /  ARCHIVE.

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- Picnic 2001.
- Picnic 2003.
- Skydning og generalforsamling november 2003.
- Picnic 2004.
- Generalforsamling 2004.
- Bestyrelsen / The Board 2004 / 2005.
- THE 17th AND 18th OF SEPTEMBER 2004:
  Celebrating the 60th anniversary of the Royal Danish Guards
  Association of Western Canada.
- Picnic 2005.
- Generalforsamling og hæderstegnsuddeling 2005





The 2001 Picnic was held at Marianne and Wagner Lærkes farm near Drumheller.

 233-1973 Ivan Bohl, 062 SEP 58 Erik Wildenhoff, the host, 865 MAR 76 Wagnar Lærke, 537 DEC 85 Jens Lind, 933 NOV 52 Alf Jensen, 265 FEB 71 Jan Bjerreskov,
286 FEB 50 Svend Christiansen, 518 JAN 47 Thor Bøttern, 157 FEB 78 Steffen B. Olsen and  724 MAJ 46 Aage Iversen.

The decorative pin-up girl laying in front of the Old Guards is Marianne Lærke.


The 2003 picnic was held at "Storm Haven"
about 125 km. north west of Calgary. 

The front row:
Extra-ordinary member Steen Jochumsen, - 518 1947/I Thorkild Bøttern - 724 1946/I Aage Iversen - 356 1949/I Knud O. Jensen - 450 1949/I Jørgen Jensen.
Standing from the left:
DEC 85 Jens Lind -  265 FEB 71 Jan Bjerreskov (Past President)  - 233 DEC 73 Ivan Bohl (our Vice President)  - 286 NOV 50 Svend Christiansen -   329 JAN 58 Svend Storm -  424 1949/II Morten V. Pedersen (Past President) - 865 APR 76 Wagnar Lærke - 933 1952/II Alf Jensen - 062 SEP 58 Erik Wildenhoff - 209 1947/I Henry Vester - 157 FEB 78 Steffen Brix Olsen. 


Skydning og generalforsamling november 2003.
I november afholdt Vest Canadas Garderforening den aarlige generalforsamling.
Loerdag morgen startede vi som saedvanligt kl. 09:00 for de, der kunne klare at komme op og skyde på den tid på dagen.
Derefter havde vi saa vores generalforsamling efterfulgt af dejlig sild, snaps og smoerrebrød.
Om aftenen var vi ca. 70 til fin spisning og dans. Der blev snakket en del og grinet meget af gamle minder og nye vitser og historier.
Hoejdepunktet var, at fire gardere fik overrakt De Danske Garderforeningers haederstegn for en utrolig god indsats i de mange aar de har vaeret medlemmer af Vest Canadas Garderforening. Der skal lyde en stor ros til de fire for deres ihaerdige arbejde baade i fortiden og fremtiden.
                             537 DEC 1985 Jens Lind.

De fire, der modtog De Danske Garderforeningers haederstegn var:
424 1949/II Morten V. Pedersen 
NOV 51 Kurt Christensen
329 JAN 58 Svend Storm og
265 FEB 71 Jan Bjerreskov.
P. H.

END OF 2003 !



The 2004 picnic was held on the 3d of July at Erik and Birgit Wildenhoff's
cottage east of Edmonton.  Because of rain, it was not that well attended.

The front row: Jan 58 Svend Aage Storm, Nov 51 Thorkild Bøttern, Guest: Anders Jensen Standing: Guest: Knud Svendgaard, APR 76 Wagnar Lærke, 062 SEP 58 Erik Wildenhoff (Info from the Webmaster: SEPtember 1958 was one of the very best groups of national servicemen (perhaps the best ever ?) serving in the Royal Guard) , 233 DEC 73 Ivan Bohl, Extra-ordinary member Steen Jochumsen, MAJ 45 Aage Iversen, FEB 71 Jan Bjerreskov.


Generalforsamlingen 2004.
I 2004 blev generalforsamlingen afholdt sammen med foreningens 60 aars foedselsdag. Alle valg var genvalg og Birgit og Ivan Bohl tilboed at holde foreningens picnic i 2005, så den holdes sikkert i Calgary, eller tæt på Calgary.  Datoen fastlaegges senere.
THE BOARD 2004 / 2005:
Chairman of the Board: 
329 JAN 58 Svend Aage Storm 
General Delivery 
James River Bridge 
Alberta  T0M  1CO  Canada 
Phone: 001 403 638 4345 
(Adressen beskyttet mod kopiering til junk-mail: Fjern XX inden du sender en mail.) 

Vice Chairman:
DEC 1973  Ivan Bohl,
87 Windmill Way NW 
Alberta   T0M 1C0 
Phone: 001 403-247-3086

Hon. Secretary:
Steen Jochumsen,  (Extraordinært Medlem)
407 - 36 Street SW 
Alberta  T2S 0K8
Phone: 403-246-5962 

Members of the Board:
865 APR 76 Wagnar Lærke 
Box 568 
Alberta  T0J 0Y0

943 MAR 59 Kurt Nielsen
131 - 8th. Ave. NW 
Alberta  T2M 0A5

537 DEC 1985 Jens Lind

424 MAJ 64 Carl Bladt
Cedarille Green SW
Calgary,  Alberta  T2W 2H3


Royal Danish Guard Association
Western Canada

Western Canada Guards Association's 60th. Anniversary Celebration
Calgary, September 18th, 2004.

On Friday night members, ladies and guests from near and far away gathered at The Danish Canadian Club in Calgary for coffee or a beer and snacks.  Many of us had not seen each other for several years, so it was a good little “getting acquainted party”.

Saturday Morning we had our annual general meeting; anybody up for election was acclaimed.  Birgit and Ivan Bohl asked to host the 2005 picnic, so it will likely be in Calgary, or close by. - The date to be decided by the hosts.

Next on the program was DGU’s (Danish Guards in Foreign Countries) meeting, which included the election of a new president and vice-president.  Kenneth Olsen, presently residing in Seattle was elected president for the next four years, Carl Jensen from Ontario is the vice president.

Next we had our luncheon. A lot of memories from the time in the Royal Guard were discussed, a lot of anecdotes and stories were told and a lot of laughs were delivered.  Beer and akvavit was donated in part by Ole Larsen Ontario, Importer of Faxe Beer.

That evening at the banquet, one of our own members, Jens Lind, was Master of Ceremonies. After the flags were carried in to the tones of The Royal Guard's Band, we sang the two countries’ National Anthems.

Pastor Basbøll from the Danish Church in Calgary said Grace, and the president, Svend Aage Storm, bid the guests a hearty welcome, among them Major General Gustav Grüner, President of DG – the “umbrella” organization of all 78 Royal Danish Guards Associations - and Mrs. Kirsten.  There were also guests from California, Chicago, Ontario and BC.  Svend asked President Grüner to take a greeting back to our protector, H.R.H. Prince Henrik of Denmark - to H.M. Queen Margrethe, and all members of the royal family as well as to the Guards Associations in Denmark and overseas.

During dinner there was presentation of pins and medals to deserving members;  One of these was a 60 year pin for our only surviving charter member, 100 year old 843 1924/I Holger Frandsen, who was not able to attend.  This was delivered to Holger in person a few days later by Svend and wife, Pat. (Please see the text and picture below.)

The Major General, wearing the Cross of Commander of the Order of Dannebrog, brought greetings from Queen Margrethe, Prince Henrik and the Royal Family, as well as from the administrative office in Copenhagen of DG – Danish Guards. 

A member of the Pacific North West Association, Karl Monk, was honoured by his President, Heinz Axelsen, for a rich and generous life.  Karl was for many years a member of our association, while he and Charlotte lived in Fruitvale, BC.

Speeches were made by DGU brass, both departing president Jørgen Birk Andersen and acceding president, Kenneth Olsen, who brought presents to the families Grüner, Storm and Andersen in the form of miniature Danish sentry boxes, made into bird feeders.  A very popular gift indeed.

After the dinner, there was entertainment and dance by a popular local couple and the  evening ended during the wee hours of the morning.

Sunday morning we gathered for a cozy breakfast on the 34th. floor of the International Hotel.  Many of the guests and local members later attended the service in Danish by pastor Basbøll at the church in Calgary.

Later the guests were driven to the airport to catch their various planes - and a unforgettable weekend was at an end. 

I would like at this time to say a heartfelt THANK YOU to all those businesses and members who donated funds for this memorable event.  To our secretary, Steen Jochumsen, and to Morten V. Pedersen (chairman) and the other members of the 60th Anniversary Committee for their very hard work in making the weekend such a great success.

329 JAN 58, Svend Aa. Storm

Guardsman from 1924, Charter Member of the WCGF, Holger Frandsen
receiving his 60 year pin from Svend Aage Storm.

Holger says he is most likely the last surviving Canadian to have sat on a load of horse manure driving down the main street in Montreal, which he did in 1926, or thereabouts, when he, as a young immigrant, worked in a stable there.  Most freight hauling in the cities was still done with horses then.
Holger soon came out west where he and his wife, Ann, farmed at Claresholm south of Calgary for many years.
Holger, at 100, still has a very firm handshake, and there is nothing wrong with his sense of humour either.


 Royal Danish Guard Association

Western Canada
 60th Anniversary Party

Friday September the 17th, 2004.

Function:  Members, out-of-town guests, friends, relatives gets an opportunity to mingle for a few hours, rekindle old acquaintances and make new ones. There will be a host bar and snacks will be served.
Entertainment by Jens Lind, one of our members.

Where:  The Tivoli Room at the Danish Canadian Club, 727 - 11th Avenue S.W. Entrance to the Tivoli Room can be accommodated from both the East and West entrances, but the East entrance is the most direct.
When:  at 7:30 PM
Some of the local members will come to the hotel with their cars at about 7:10 - 7:20 PM and drive you to the Club. Anyone wishing to use our transportation system, please assemble in the front lobby of the Hotel at that time.

Saturday Morning September 18th, 2004:

Where:  Ladies & Men to meet at the Danish Canadian Club. 

Ladies:  Local volunteer lady drivers will proceed with the ladies on a sightseeing tour and lunch.
Time:   10:00 AM

Men:   The Men are invited to participate in Western Canada's GM followed by DGU’s GM meeting to be held at the Club in the Tivoli room. After the meeting Lunch at the club.
Time:   Western Canada's GM  9:30 AM
              DGU’s GM 10:30 AM

Some of the local members will come to the hotel with their cars at about 9:00-9:15AM and drive you to the Club. Anyone wishing to use our transportation system, please assemble in the front lobby of the Hotel at that time.

 Lunch at 12:00 Noon sharp

Saturday Evening September 18, 2004:

Function:** The 60th Anniversary Party**

Where:  At the Valhalla Hall upstairs in the Danish Canadian Club.
When:  6:00 PM

Sunday Morning September 19th, 2004:

Function:  Breakfast

Where:  The International Hotel, at the 36th Floor level. 
When:    9:00 AM.

Church Service: At the Danish Lutheran Church
When:   10:30 AM

 Welcome to Calgary
 Morten V. Pedersen
 60th Anniversary Committee Chairman
 Contact Phone Numbers:
 Home: 242-6590
 Office: 240-2001
 (Adressen beskyttet mod kopiering til junk-mail: Fjern XX inden du
 sender en mail.) 
 Danish Canadian Club: 261-9774


The participants in the DGU GM held in Calgary, September 18, 2004:

The front row: 
The new DGU President 505 FEB 81 Kenneth Olsen, 482 1939/II Ernst Harboe*, 424 1949/II Morten Pedersen WCGF (60th Anniversary Committee Chairman), The President of the Royal Guards Association 719 SEP 63 Major General Gustav Grüner, Past President of DGU 226 NOV 53 Jørgen Birk Andersen ECGF, Chairman PNWGF 946 NOV 53 Heinz Axelsen.
The rear row:
Chairman WCGF 329 JAN 58 Svend Aage Storm, 699 1954/I  Flemming Hansen ECGF, Aage Iversen WCGF, Jørgen Jensen WCGF, Knud Jensen WCGF, Unknown ECGF, Jan Bjerreskov WCGF, 062 SEP 58 Erik Wildenhoff WCGF, Karl Monk PNWGF, Kurt Christensen WCGF, Flemming Andreasen PNWGF, Frovin Sørensen WCGF, Vice President DGU 1986 Carl H. T. Jensen, Chairman of California GF 520 MAJ 47 Wilmar Lindgreen, 537 DEC 85 Jens Lind WCGF, Steen Jochumsen (partly hidden) WCGF, Past Chairman of PNWGF 544 MAJ 49 Peter Kjærgaard, Peter Bertelsen WCGF, DEC 73 Ivan Bohl WCGF, 424 MAJ 64 Carl Bladt WCGF.
* 482 1939/II Ernst Harboe, President DGU 1979 - 84 and Chairman of Mellemstater- nes GF (Chicago, Illinois, U.S.A.) 1965 - 66 and 1975 -79.

END OF 2004 !



The 2005 picnic will be held at Ivan and Birgit Bohl’s in Springbank, Calgary, on July 30.  There is a golf course right next door and Ivan will check if there is going to be room for members who want a friendly game.
(Click HERE in order to see pictures from the picnic.) 

Kære Garderkammerater

The date for this summer’s picnic is Saturday July30th. and it will be at Ivan and Birgit Bohl this year, as you can see on the enclosed map, the little red star marks the spot and it is situated just north of the Trans Canada Highway when you take the Old Banff Coach Road turnoff just as you leave town going west toward Banff. (To see the map: Click HERE.)
The address & phone number:
87 Windmill Way NW, Calgary.
Ph.:  403-247-3086

Please bring your own steaks and one dish of something we can share for the “Pot-luck”.  Also bring lawn chairs and dishes and cutlery.  Ivan will make sure there is enough grill capacity.

If you want to stay overnight, Ivan says they have a couple of extra bedrooms and there is a Sheraton hotel not far away. 

If you like golfing, as you can see on the map, there are several courses in the vicinity, but it might be an idea to book ahead to avoid disappointments.

we usually meet after lunchtime around 1:30 or so, and try to be back from whatever activity you choose in order to have supper at 6:00.

Other than that, just bring yourselves and “godt humør” and we will be sure to have a great time.


Danish version:
 Lørdag den 30. juli.

(Klik HER for at se billeder fra picnic'en.) 

Kære Garderkammerater.
i år holdes foreningens picnic hos Birgit og Ivan Bohl i Springbank, Calgary.
De bor lige nord for Trans Canada Highway, når du tager Old Banff Coach Road afkørselen lige efter at du har forladt byen og kører mod vest imod Banff.
(Klik HER for at se kortskitsen.)
Den lille røde stjerne viser hvor de bor.
Postadressen og telefonnummret er:
87 Windmill Way NW, Calgary.   Tel.:  403-247-3086.

Medbring venligst jeres egne steaks og en eller anden ret, som vi kan dele til "Pot-Luck". Medbring også stole, tallerkener og bestik. Ivan sørger for at der er rigelig grill kapacitet.

Ivan oplyser, at hvis I vil blive natten over, har han et par ekstra soveværelser - og der er et Sheraton hotel i nærheden.
Som I kan se på kortskitsen, er der flere golfbaner i nærheden, men det vil sikkert være en god ide at booke tid i forvejen hvis I vil undgå en skuffelse.

Vi mødes som sædvanligt omkring klokken 1:30, men sørg venligst for at være tilbage fra en eventuel "aktivitet" til middagen kl. 6. 

Og så bedes I møde op med jer selv og med godt humør. Så får vi helt sikkert "A Great Time" sammen.
Med mange hilsener

(Oversættelse til "rigs-dansk": PHH.   )

The 2005 picnic was held on the 30th of July at Ivan and Birgit Bohl's.

329 Jan 58 Svend Aa. Storm, 450 Nov 49 John Jensen, 724 Maj 46 Aage Iversen
933 Nov 52 Alf Jensen, 286 Nov 50 Svend Christiansen, 1265 Feb 71 Jan Bjerreskov, 0865 Apr 76 Wagnar Lærke and the host 233 1973 Ivan Bohl.
"The Girls".  Webmasters bemærkning:
Med 12 "damer" til 8 gamle gardere ka' det ik' ha' været helt kedeligt.

Saturday July 30 was a perfect day weather-wise, not much of a wind… Sunny and warm all day.  Ivan and Birgit had arranged for a comfortable get-together on their spacious acreage just west of the city of Calgary.
After a while Aage and Stinne joined the fun as well, they had spotted a Danish flag at another house in the neighbourhood and made themselves comfortable on  the porch there, wondering where everybody had gone.  It turned out to be Birgit’s brother Hans’ place just a few houses away… the family were not at home.
The “Pot Luck” was superb as usual and everyone enjoyed the food and fellowship.  We were introduced to a few of The Bohl’s neighbours and we had some interesting conversation, among other things we decided that maybe a line could be drawn across Hans Island so everybody might then be happy… but of course it is does not seem to be as simple as that.
Only eight members turned out which was surprising, seeing how it was so close to the town where most of our members live.  It was a “Long weekend” and I had not phoned everybody a week ahead of time as I usually do because I had been very busy with company from DK and was just coming back from a trip to the coast.
Hope to do better for our fall “DO” which includes Target shooting, General meeting and Banquet on the weekend around October 1st.
Med Garderhilsen
329 Jan 58 Svend Aa. Storm


Friday, September 31 -  Saturday, October 1 - Sunday, October 2.
The Tivoli Room at the Danish Club has been booked for this year's fall get together. Further information will be posted here as the planning progresses.
(The usual scedule:  CLICK HERE.)

Dagene omkring lørdag den 1. oktober.
Årets efterårs-sammenkomst holdes i år i dagene omkring lørdag den 1. oktober.
Tivoli Værelset i Den Danske Klub er booket, og nærmere oplysninger kommer her på siden efterhånden som planlægningen skrider frem.
Det sædvanlige program for week-enden: Klik HER.

In the fall we have our annual get together.  A typical program consists of getting together Friday evening for coffee, sometimes at one of the Calgary members' place or at the Danish Club. 
Saturday morning there is target shooting... we have several trophies we compete for.  There is a trophy for the women as well, and over the years we have had several very excellent shots amongst the so-called weaker sex. 
At noon we have our Annual General Meeting followed by a luncheon for the men.  The women usually go out together on an arranged tour of some kind at this time.  Or else they just go shopping in the city. 
In the evening we have our banquet and dance where members can bring guests.  This is our "big do" of the year.  Pins and medals are presented to deserving members and guests and so on.  A very popular event. 
Sunday morning we meet for breakfast before everyone leaves.  This is an event that has grown more popular every year.  A good way of seeing everyone off.


Den 1. oktober var der Generalforsamling og Banquet/hyggeaften i Den Danske Club i Calgary. 
Skydningen var aflyst p.g.a. for få tilmeldte.  610424 Maj 64, Carl Bladt var dog mødt op, men da vi jo ikke godt kan give ham alle trofæerne uden konkurrence, blev der ingen udleveret dette år. 
Til Generalforsamlingen kl. 12 bestemte vi at kontingentet skulle forblive 50 dollars selvom det ikke engang dækker abonnement på ”Garderbladet”.  Det blev så besluttet at forlange, at bladet bliver sendt electronisk som .pdf fil, med dertil hørende besparelse,  fra bladets kontor eller fra Gothersgade.  Det blev foreslået at gøre det med et  password, der bliver sendt til bestyrelsen her fra Gothersgade eller bladets kontor... dette bliver så fordelt til betalende medlemmer af vores GF . 
Senere blev Jan Bjerreskov valgt til to år som president, og afgående president Svend Aa. Storm blev valgt for eet år som sekretær/kasserer. 
Om aftenen mødtes vi til igen tilbanquet i den Danske Club, som serverede et fint måltid af flæskesteg og dessert.  De jubilarer, der var til stede, fik overrakt hæderstegn. 
Som en sidebemærkning kan jeg fortælle, at Thor Bottern var bragt til møde og banquet af datteren, Susan, som er sagfører i Fort McMurray - en køretur for hende på omkring 1.600 km. frem og tilbage - Svend Christiansen og Cora kommer til de fleste af vore arrangementer og de har over halvt så langt. 
Efter at have udleveret de donerede præmier til lotteriet, som gav ganske godt i foreningens kasse, så vi filmen ”Four seasons with the Danish Royal Court” 
Bagefter hyggede vi os til musik og dans. Og det blev sent da de sidste gik hjem. 
Med Garderhilsen 
329 Jan 58 Svend Aa. Storm 

Formænd og hæderstegnsmodtagere den 1. oktober.

Fra venstre: 
– den tiltrædende formand / President 270550 FEB 71 Jan Bjerreskov 
– 140933 NOV 52 Alf Jensen  (10 års jubilæumstegn / hæderstegn.)
– 286 NOV 50 Svend Christiansen (10 års jubilæums- / hæderstegn.) 
– 414943 MAR  59 Kurt O. Nielsen  (25 års jubilæums- / hæderstegn.) 
– den afgående formand  / President 370329 Jan 58 Svend Aa. Storm 
Jan Bjerreskov har prøvet det før: Svend Storm afløste ham som formand i 1997.

END OF 2005 !




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